Daphne Roehr Hatcher

Daphne Roehr Hatcher

Daphne (2012) creating "vine handled baskets". For more photos of Daphne in the studio and of recent work, check out Daphne's image galleries here.


Daphne's resume can be found here.


Daphne Roehr Hatcher has been a full-time studio potter for more than thirty years, sharing her studio with husband Gary Hatcher, which they established together in 1979. She apprenticed in ceramic art studios in Devon, England, with Michael Leach and David Leach from 1976 to 1979 as well as shorter apprenticeship experiences in France and Greece. 

She received a BFA degree in art from the University of North Texas School of Visual Arts and has received many awards for her work in the ceramic field, including the UNT 1999 President’s Citation. 

Daphne Hatcher exhibits widely in invitational and juried exhibitions, both nationally and internationally.  In recent years she has exhibited her ceramic art in the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts, The University of Iowa Museum of Art, The South Texas Institute for the Arts, The Ohio Craft Museum, The Vermont Clay Studio and the Dallas Visual Arts Center.

Daphne has work on permanent display in the American Airlines Corporate Collection, Ceramics Monthly Collection in Westerville, Ohio and many others.  Images of her work have appeared in numerous books and periodicals.

Daphne started a blog at www.daphnehatcher.blogspot.com where she muses about life, food, cooking, gardening and pottery-making, which she would like to contribute to more often, but she stays pretty busy in the studio, the garden and enjoying life & food with friends & family. Check it out and subscribe to it, so you will know when she adds a line or two. She can also be found on Facebook as Daphne Roehr Hatcher, where she maintains an extensive photo journal of life in Pine Mills, Texas, and beyond.


Red Portal, Red Eye

"Control, surrender, the integration of surface and form:  these are considerations I have focused on for the past thirty+ years as a potter.  I have fired pots with glazed surfaces in various kilns, often with complex layers and patterns, but wood firing provides the balance between control and surrender I seek.  I pay careful attention to the skin of the pot and use judicial application of glaze to enhance whatever the flame grants me. 

The platters I am creating now represent my interest in a painterly approach to glaze application, using the platter’s flat surface as a canvas and allowing the flame to gently alter the glaze.  In this series of platters I have chosen two metaphors: that of the Portal, drawing one in, and that of the Eye, that observes, looking out. The Portal is an entry into that which cannot yet be seen or experienced, a mystery to be explored.  The Eye takes in the present, which surrounds, the information rippling into infinity, as on the surface of a pond when one drop of rain penetrates the surface.

Be still, be quiet, pay attention, take it in and continue to explore."

Daphne, 2012



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